War Worth Fighting

Abhor the act of hatred, saddened mind and angered heart.

So why do you not contemplate the fact; in this world you only have a shot. Live not according to hearsay, making big deals out of nothing, destroying your state of felicity.

The war worth fighting?

Bitterness; the taste of an angry soul.

Discharge all ill will & I’ll feeling towards those between you two is bad blood, just to show your acrimony towards them only shows downright malice, in so many ways increasing the hostility between you and peace of mind.

So you should know that been spiteful, waspish even among the beat of us, some dregs remain of spleen-venom.

The war worth fighting; Governing one soul towards tranquillity and serenity.


Time!Time wait for none,Tick-tock, continuously forwarding the-time.The Time!The time we were born,The time in between, through to our death,These, happens right on-time.On time!If it is not this time,then this time is gone,then it is in-time.In time!Might be able to come back to it, in time – in time, that might never come.Do it now – now is within your grasp, and let time tells the story.